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Comodo firewall free download

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Comodo Firewall is an effective, simple and light firewall software that provide maximum level of protection and very easy to use. It is full-featured and multilayer firewall applications that prevent you from attacks or different threats-no worried what yours computer capabilities are.

Comodo Firewall application uses cloud-based data to investigate new programs and data to protect attacks, as well as zero-day attacks. It is the Comodo firewall that protect and save your pc from viruses, worms, Trojans, hacker attacks, and other many threats and malicious programs. Comodo Firewall is available in three categories or setup Home, Work, and Public. In this post we have focused free Home base setup. Comodo Firewall free application work like other similar applications like filters all ingoing and outgoing internet traffic coming and going from your computer, learns to differentiate harmful programs from risk-free processes.

 It has very large database of “over 15 million” trusted files and application. Whenever an untrusted or unknown file try to inter in your computer, Comodo Firewall checks with its database , if the file is in white list safe for your pc to allow it to perform, if the file is not trusted, Comodo Firewall will intimate you that malicious file is trying to enter in your machine. In case of default settings, untrusted and unknown files are automatically scanned by its cloud-based virus scanners then, while the file undergoes behavior analysis on Comodo Firewall  cloud server, it is run in a sandbox on your computer so that it cannot amend or affect your data and computer. 

In short Comodo Firewall is the # 1 free Firewall which is simple, effective and light weight firewall application - very user-friendly and provides enough protection against malicious programs and threats that are very harmful for your pc. 

Best features that make your computer more secure

Quick and stress-free online experience
Blocks almost  Internet attacks
Monitors in/out connections
Deals with traffic on your PC
Try to make secure all connections when you are online


Please click download link and Download Comodo Firewall free

Comodo firewall free download


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