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Start menu for windows 8 pro

Download Setup File from Downloader (100% Working Link)

Start menu for windows 8 download latest verison free

If you are not familiar or comfortable with the new metro start menu of windows 8, so download Start Menu 8 smart application that bring you back on start button and windows start menu both and pass over metro start screen. This application is for those users who only those who want to work on desktops and  or want to boot to windows 8 desktop immediately. Start Menu 8 is known as best start menu replacement for windows 8. 

Start Menu 8 Bringing Back the Windows® "Start" Menu. It is known as the excellent menu alternate for windows 8. Provide easy switch between desktop and metro interface. Allow you to access to programs and file very quickly. Inshort it is customizable, easy and free to use.


Start menu for windows 8 pro


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